Tom Hanks supports CBD research into diabetes

Tom Hanks supports CBD research into diabetes

By: Laura Rueda Medical

Tom Hanks has taken an important step in his career as an activist by partnering with Heather Pyces, a student at Cornell University, to investigate the benefits of cannabidiol in people with diabetes and stress-related illnesses. The winner of two Oscars and four Golden Globes has suffered from the disease for years. In this post we’ll tell you his story.

Tom Hanks supports CBD research into diabetes

There is a time in our lives when we think we are immortal. However, the excesses of our youth take their toll when we reach maturity. This is what happened to Tom Hanks, who after years of unhealthy diet has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the age of 59.

Diagnosed with diabetes

“I went to the doctor and he asked me if I was aware of the high blood sugar levels I had been dealing with since I was 36 years old”, “Well, you have graduated! You’ve got type 2 diabetes, young man. ” That’s how Tom Hanks was told that he had diabetes.

He discussed this publicly on ‘The David Letterman Show’ and admitted that his doctors had set goals that he had not been able to achieve.

The actor has acknowledged that his diabetes is due to the terrible diet he followed in the past, and that when he was younger he “was an idiot” and ate things like hamburgers with cheese continuously.

In the Radio Times he said, “I’m part of the lazy American generation that has blindly kept dancing through the party and now finds ourselves with a malady,”

Tom Hanks supports CBD research into diabetes

Cannabis activist

If in 2013 Tom Hanks announced publicly that he had diabetes on ‘The David Letterman Show’, now, in 2019, he has come out of the cannabis closet by supporting the plant as a treatment for this disease, and his new personal mission is to find a solution for this condition through research into CBD or cannabidiol.

The actor decided to support CBD when he discovered how good the cannabinoid was for health. Since then he has taken advantage of his media spotlight as an actor and celebrity, to create his own campaign to attract public attention so that everyone knows the benefits of the plant as a medicine.

“The benefits of CBD oil are unlike anything any pill or medication can do,”, declared the actor, who has spent years in contact with professionals in this field to learn more about cannabis and its properties.

Benefits of CBD oil

Tom Hanks and Heather Pyces are telling it how it is, that CBD oil is an effective solution, unique in many cases, for ailments, chronic issues and diseases such as autoimmune disorders (rheumatoid arthritis or Crohn’s disease) and other conditions such as disorders convulsive, anxiety and Parkinson’s.

Tom Hanks supports CBD research into diabetes

Tom Hanks and CBD

It is not the first time that the actor has talked about his relationship with the plant.

On one occasion he stated “The first time I ever tried CBD was to help sooth my anxiety. I was fed up with taking various pills to try and make me “better”… It wasn’t how I wanted to live my life anymore. So I gave CBD oil a try. It was a huge relief for me to feel like myself, yet the edge was gone. A bonus to the whole thing was the relief from various aches and pains I have. Especially the arthritis in my knees. It immediately alleviated 90% of my pain.”

Celebrities who use medicinal cannabis

Other personalities and celebrities are coming out of the cannabis closet. Lady Gaga has confessed that the plant has helped her deal with the pain in her hip. Morgan Freeman has stated that it is the only treatment that is effective to deal with the pain of one of his arms, where he has fibromyalgia. Whoopi Goldberg uses it for her menstrual pains and has her own brand of groceries, “Whoopi & Maya.”

Undoubtedly, the media impact of these people is extremely helpful in breaking the stigma of the plant and providing the credibility that many politicians have damaged during the years  of prohibition. And, through their image and voices, more people will get to know the medicinal benefits of cannabis and make use of it.


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