We must stay at home, but we shall see you online!

We must stay at home, but we shall see you online!

By: Contributor Activism

Dear collaborators,

Kannabia informs you that our offices will remain open but with some restrictions. Due to the current exceptional circumstances, and in order to prevent the spread of the disease, all pick-up services at our premises will be unavailable until further notice.  

For wholesaler buyers, order shipping is still guaranteed with the following couriers: MRW, SEUR, MailBoxes and UPS. 

For web orders, shippings to your area are still guaranteed using MRW, SEUR, UPS and National Postal Service. Payments can still be made by credit card or bank transfer to our usual La Rural account.

These actions aim to ensure the health and safety of both, our customers and staff. We do believe we must all contribute to prevent the spread of coronavirus, contain the situation and return to normality as soon as possible.

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We will inform you as soon as these exceptional measures can be reversed.

Best regards, 

Kannabia Seeds Company sells to its customers a product collection, a souvenir. We cannot and we shall not give growing advice since our product is not intended for this purpose.

Kannabia accept no responsibility for any illegal use made by third parties of information published. The cultivation of cannabis for personal consumption is an activity subject to legal restrictions that vary from state to state. We recommend consultation of the legislation in force in your country of residence to avoid participation in any illegal activity.