Sweet dreams are made of CBD

Sweet dreams are made of CBD

Pour: Roberto Kannabia Médical

Many proposals have been put on the table – out from the world of science and medicine- which are currently used in order to have more control over our circadian rhythms. To reach good quality sleep and balanced eating habits is one of the battles in modern medicine, with scientists working with many fronts. Recent studies indicate that CBD can help our endocannabinoid system to behave in a balanced way. Why is this so important?

It is common that people who enjoy few hours of sleep or get poor quality sleep find more difficulties to lose weight or to control their blood sugar level. It is known that lack of sleep can amplify the appetite and the desire to eat food with high levels of calorie content and energy, both factors regulated by the endocannabinoid system.

Endocannabinoids are a group of fatty molecules involved in many physiological processes, such as appetite, pain sensation, memory and mood. They are substances similar to cannabis, but produced naturally by the body. Our circadian rhythm is responsible for controlling our sleep cycles and our time to be awake. Many of the cellular functions of our body are marked by this rate, which has its activity as a kind of « biological clock ». In this way we metabolise glucose, amino acids and fats. In addition, the response of our cells to different hormonal and environmental signals also depends on the moment in which our biological clock is. We can say, therefore, that it is a circle working in both directions. The pace of our clock alters metabolism and our psychological state, and, on the other hand, the environmental cues that receives our body from the outside influence in the regulation of this internal clock.

Therefore, it’s great news to know that we can use CBD to improve our biological rhythms and thus achieve greater physical and mental well-being.

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