We went to Expoweed in Santiago de Chile

We went to Expoweed in Santiago de Chile

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For several years, the month of December has begun in a slightly unusual way for the Kannabia Seed Company team. When we begin to feel the arrival of Christmas in the air, it is time to pack our suitcases and make the jump to the southern hemisphere.

So once again we attended the Chilean meeting that brings together all the supporters of Marijuana at Expoweed 2017, at O’Higgins Park. On the other side of the world there was spring, sun and, of course, the smell of weed…

We went to Expoweed in Santiago de Chile

The weather was kind to us and the park O’Higgins Park was not, fortunately, as hot as other years, which allowed visitors to walk round our stands and see the new Kannabia Seed products. This year it was the turn of our catalogue, with new autoflowering strains that were not yet available on the market. There were many visitors who went away with  a magnificent souvenir of our brand. They also got the opportunity to get first-hand knowledge of the new releases of brands such as Pure Factory. It was the perfect opportunity to get hands-on experience of all the products dedicated to home grows.

In addition, we must not forget that Expoweed is accompanied by a concert program that always delights the audience.

The years of hard work by Kannabia Seed Company in Chile have paid off and allowed us to forge relationships that we see growing stronger each year. A result of this was the great honour we had to share a presentation at the Weeds Forum at the Teatro La Cúpula with Fundación Daya

We went to Expoweed in Santiago de Chile

It was the screening of the Online Home Grow Course taught by Kannabia Seed Company and its reference blog, Yesweskunk, attended by 150 people. Thanks to the help of Marco Merino, personal cultivation professor of Daya Foundation, spectacular person and great technician, many of the attendees were able to present and solve issues they had about cultivation. From this article we encourage anyone has any unsolved issues, to get in touch with this great professional. We are eager to return next year to hear the feedback of the attendees, many of whom got to take gifts and a sample of Kannabia Seed genetics. 

We went to Expoweed in Santiago de Chile

As a final culmination of these three days of rivetting conversation and learning, surrounded by  Plantasur Chile’s magnificent team we got to watch the spectacular closing spectacle: a concert by The Wailers at the Caupolican Theater … without a doubt, the spring-filled icing on the cake perfect to fight the freezing Sierra Nevada winds that are blasting our Granada office.

Don’t miss our video summary! 

Kannabia Expoweed Chile 2017 from Kannabia Seed Company on Vimeo.

Farewell, Expoweed, I’m going to suffer. Tell the sky not to die oh, until I see you again

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