3 creative projects that have cannabis as their main inspiration

3 creative projects that have cannabis as their main inspiration

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There is nothing we like more than art and culture. Diving through social networks connects us with authentic products, original, beautiful and very necessary. Cannabis provides the inspiration for these brands. Many of them are small projects pouring their hearts and souls into their products. Hearing the story of their creation is thrilling and encourages us to keep giving voice to such talented people.

Chloe O’Malley and her needlepoint embroidery

Needlepoint  is a trend that lead us by the hand back to the time of our grandmothers. Take the embroidery needle, the fabric, the thread, the frame and create the most incredible designs to decorate our home or to give to our loved ones. Empowering messages, flowers and cannabis buds, how much beauty, colour and originality there is in this type of art!

3 creative projects that have cannabis as their main inspiration

This is the story of Chloe O’Malley, a girl from the United Kingdom who makes embroidered hoops, patches and pins with the most beautiful cannabis designs. Purple Kush, Black Domina, Blue Dream … This artist embroiders buds of different strains. She also uses hemp as a material and plays with different sizes, so she has a wide variety of prices to suit all pockets. Thanks to the threads she uses, her buds shine and reflect the sunlight.

Chloe O’Malley has exhibited at exhibitions such as the one organized by @ruckusgallery 4/20. She is also a tattoo artist and we love her style with the needle. Don’t forget that the fashion now is to leave the embroidery in the hoop, which serves as a support or frame so that we can hang our design on the wall. They are an authentic artisan beauty.

Solstice Intimates and their underwear

Thanks to our esteemed friends at Broccoli Mag we have heard about incredible initiatives related to the world of cannabis. This is the case of Solstice Intimates, the lingerie and underwear brand based in Arizona.

3 creative projects that have cannabis as their main inspiration

“This is for you. The wild child, The tomboy. The daydream believer. The smart sexy free spirited, always curious, adventure seeker. Inspired by dirty desert roads, conversations that go on all night, truck stop diners and our raw gypsy souls. Solstice Intimates handmade in AZ. “

With this declaration of intent it does not surprise us that we love all of their designs. Especially those with cannabis as the main theme. Bodies made of cotton with super sexy designs, Attractive, comfortable vests and socks that go green with our favorite plant. What we like most about this brand is that it has models with real bodies, supporting the body positive. Check it out. All their models can be seen on their website where you can also buy online.

Rompotodo and their ceramic pipes

There are artisans who are known for making their pieces by hand with lots of love. Their stocks are limited, because they are unique items. Niki is the Argentine artisan behind the brand Rompotodo. She works in ceramic and makes cups, ashtrays, planters, dishes and her star product, pipes for smoking cannabis. Her designs are beautiful pastel colours and naive motifs that will fill your home with style.

3 creative projects that have cannabis as their main inspiration

“I started making pottery about five or six years ago. I didn’t know what to do with my life until I got the chance to try a pottery workshop and it was love at first sight. I needed it, it saved my life. I never thought about doing it for a living but things develop and run their course and here I am”, says Niki in a video made by Bonominilali in a project called Minas a la obra.

“When I create something I feel super at peace with myself and I feel truly myself. For me it is a way of communicating with the world and expressing what I feel or what I think. I have Loads of images in my head all the time and it is beautiful to be able to make them a reality”. explains Niki.

We love to support unique projects, special and magic. And, after hearing these words and being enthralled by the beauty of their designs, we can’t wait to have one of their unique pieces at home!

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