5 Female Celebrities Mainstreaming Cannabis Worldwide

5 Female Celebrities Mainstreaming Cannabis Worldwide

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For years, women who used cannabis were far from mainstream. Polls in the past indicated that women were not favorable towards legal cannabis. However, with the success of groups like Women Grow, more women are stepping into the limelight when it comes to supporting cannabis. But these ladies are far from alone. Several female stars are also demonstrating that smart and successful women can smoke weed. Just check out these 5 stars who are mainstreaming cannabis worldwide. 

#1.) Whoopi Goldberg 
Actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg isn’t shy when it comes to showing her support for legal cannabis. Teaming up with cannabis business woman, Maya Elisabeth, Goldberg cofounded a medical marijuana company. The company, Whoopi & Maya, specializes in developing cannabis-fused products aimed at alleviating women’s menstrual cramps. 

#2.) Susan Sarandon
Susan Sarandon may be one of Hollywood’s leading ladies. But she is also a huge advocate for ending marijuana prohibition. Susan is even a member of MPP’s (Marijuana Policy Project) advisory board. Claiming to light up at every award show, Susan is open about her cannabis usage. 

#3.) Melissa Etheridge 
Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, rockstar Melissa Etheridge attributes her incredible recovery largely to cannabis. In fact, Melissa considers cannabis to be an essential element to her overall wellness. However, it wasn’t until the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Michigan did Melissa smoke on camera. Today, Melissa continues to be one of legal cannabis’ biggest supporters. She even took center stage at the Women Grow Leadership Conference in Denver. 

#4.) Sarah Silverman
Comedian Sarah Silverman is far from shy when it comes to her relationship with Mary Jane. In fact, some consider Sarah to be one of Hollywood’s most notorious stoners. She has even walked down the rep carpet with a vape pen in hand. Loud and proud about her love for marijuana, Sarah has even confessed to Conan that she got high with her parents

#5.) Rihanna 
From her fashion choices to her Instagram account, Rihanna frequently displays her affection for the green. Although the singer has yet to make any major political stances when it comes to legal cannabis, her presence alone is still spreading the buzz. After all, it’s no secret that Rihanna’s enjoys high grade. With millions of followers online and offline, Rihanna is influencing the cannabis movement in more ways than one.

These are just a few of the most powerful women in Hollywood who also happen to love cannabis. From singers to actresses, countless ladies are mainstreaming cannabis. 

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