Alun Jenkins, founder of Original Sensible Seeds, passes away

Alun Jenkins, founder of Original Sensible Seeds, passes away

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Kannabia Seeds wants to communicate its great sadness for the loss of a true legend, Alan Jenkins, from the Original Sensible Seed Company.. A pioneer of the hydroponics and seed industry in the United Kingdom, Alan and his partner fought long and hard to secure the rights that the cannabis industry now take for granted. He left his native Wales to settle in Spain where he and his partners founded the highly successful Original Sensible Seed Company.

Alun Jenkins tells his story in first person for Skunk Magazine (March 20, 2017).


In the early nineties, me and my brother-in-law Dave were in Amsterdam and we noticed how many British people were in the grow shops. So, as we were growers ourselves, we noticed and discussed the potential of opening one up in Britain. We achieved this very quickly and, with several flights to Amsterdam, we soon had distribution rights from the new Canna, rockwool, seeds and many other related items.(…..)

We were running successfully and were about to open four new shops and a distribution warehouse when one morning, the police came with their trusty friend, the sledgehammer, and a Home Office warrant. (….)

We were kept in police custody for six-days and once we were eventually let out on bail, had to register at the police station every night. The police found it very difficult to get any real evidence to substantiate a case. We knew that what we were selling was legal, but it needed to be proven in a court of law. The case became a test case on the legality of both grow and seed shops.

After the court case, we were left with hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of debt. The police had confiscated or damaged all of our stock, so we went to see suppliers and manufacturers who knew of our predicament and came to an arrangement on what we owed and obtained some new stock. (….)

Still, the stress took its toll by taking the life of Dave Moore, my brother-in-law. After this, I lost all my heart and soul to keep the business running (….)  

After a number of years in Spain, I became friends with Dean and after many months and talks with him over many joints, we realized that we had so much common ground and interest in the hemp and cannabis industry.  (….) We decided after a few more joints, and the odd Jack Daniels, that we should reopen the seed company. (…)

The internet has opened up a whole new world for me and the Original Sensible Seed Company. We are hoping to bring the business back to the top level again, back to the standard that the name deserves. (…)

Besides being a legend in the sector, he was also very warm and a true gentleman. Wherever you are, we send you all our love Alun. You will be sorely missed.


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