Cannabis stories on TV

Cannabis stories on TV

Di: Roberto Kannabia Attivismo

Marijuana stirs passions. The recent legalization of cannabis consumption in several US states as well as the debate in many countries around the world about the benefits and medicinal properties of this plant have inspired producers and tv networks to create their fiction series.

Weeds, produced by Lionsgate Television series for Showtime, ended after eight seasons composed of 108 chapters. The protagonist is a recently widowed that in order to maintain her standard of living, decides to start selling marijuana to her neighbors.

Another American serie is. This fiction gives prominence to the different types of cannabis consumers High Maintenance who get the marijuana at the same drug pusher in New York. It provides a different context that moves away from the stereotype of marijuana user. The fiction began in 2012 as a webseries, but a few months ago HBO announced the broadcast of chapters on TV on September 2016.

Time traveling bong has three episodes only with a very original plot, produced by A 3 Entertainment. The series take a turn to the classic time machines, with two cousins and roommates as protagonists. They find a bong able to travel through time and space, and the adventure comes when it breaks and the cousins try to find a way back to the present.

Also, there are cannabis stories just around the corner. Disjointed, comedy produced by Warner Bros Television and written by the successful Chuck Lorre (Two and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory). Kathy Bates plays the role of a strong advocate of legalization, who fullfish her dream when she open a cannabis shop in Los Angeles.

Which do you prefer? We love all these series!

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