Free Charity calendar with your December purchases from Kannabia

Free Charity calendar with your December purchases from Kannabia

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For all orders taken online during the month of December, Kannabia is giving away this fabulous La Restinga calender. Our stock is limited, so hurry up and buy your Christmas gifts  -or self-treats  – now!

What projects receive a contribution for with your purchases from Kannabia?

La Restinga is a NGO with headquarters in Iquitos, Peru which has been  operating in the area since 1996. Its main objective is to provide basic necesities for children at risk of social exclusion in the area.

When you buy seeds or products from Kannabia’s website during the month of December, you will receive the La Restinga calendar for free, thereby helping the following projects:

“Teachyou” (Spanish: Enseñarte): Educational programme to encourage learning of girls and boys in risk of repeating class or drop-out from school.

Its goals:

  • Reduce cases of pupils who are repeating class or dropping-out from school.
  • Develop their competence in reading, writing and mathematical logic.
  • Improve the self-perception and the self-esteem of the girls and boys.
  • To make families and parents support and follow the education of their girls and boys.
  • Improve the academic quality of the school.

What does La Restinga do?

  • It develops educational and therapeutic sessions and games to improve the skills of the pupils in reading, writing, mathematical logic as well as to ameliorate their self-perception and self-esteem.
  • It gives educational courses to their families to make them support their girls and boys in their scholastic progress, and that the parents and relatives improve also in their practices to protect them, as well as their ways of caregiving in general.
  • It organises visits to the homes of the families, to guide them in their effort and their role to create a protective environment, supporting the educational process of the girls and boys.
  • It provides assistance to the principals and the teaching staff of the schools in order that they improve their educational strategies for teaching towards the girls and boys.

“Walk, Run and Talk” (Spanish: Anda, Corre y Cuenta): An initiative for the prevention and attention on violence against girls, boys, adolescents and women in the community of Pueblo Libre in Belén.

What are La Restinga’s goals?

  • It is essential, that girls, boys and adolescent victims of violence break generational bonds and patterns in domestic violence, and that they develop their lives based on the principles of respect and love.
  • That families root out physical mistreatment and humiliation as a common practice in their parenting.
  • That adolescents, females and males, develop the good practice of solidarity in a culture of peace in their communities.
  • That local community leaders develop their conscience and act on the social scourge of domestic and sexual violence.

What does La Restinga do?

  • It develops course units to push personal growth and personal development, all based in games, arts or business ventures amongst other for girls and boys as well as adolescents between 7 and 17 years of age.
  • It gives an impulse for solidarity, participation and the development of a civil society through a broad variety of interventions, mainly educational and artistic for girls and boys and teen-agers in the communities.
  • It provides personalised therapeutic counselling.
  • It empowers women coping domestic and gender violence.
  • It develops a local network focussed on the prevention and proper derivation of cases of domestic, sexual and gender violence.

Bee-keeping project (Spanish: Escuela de Meliponicultura): For the breeding of bees and the production of honey from the local species (Abeja Nativa) of the farmers’ and indigenous’ communities

What are the goals?

  • That the members of the local indigenous’ and farmers’ communities are able to manage the production and commercialisation of the honey obtained from the local species of bees.
  • That the families involved in the bee-keeping project improve their economic income, selling the honey of the local bees obtained from sustainable apiculture.
  • To protect and preserve the Amazon rainforests by actively safeguarding one of the mayor pollinators of the region: the local honey bee.

What does La Restinga do?

  • It founded the local community school for bee-keeping, to teach the technical and practical knowledge on managing bees and the production of honey, for adults, girls and boys and teenagers.
  • It offers consulting and monitoring of each student.
  • It is promoting internship-programmes for successful bee-keepers and honey-producers on a national and international level.
  • It grants scientific investigations and the dissemination of the results on a national and international level.

Let us give them a helping hand this Christmas! Let’s support them this Christmas!

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