Hemp as superfood

Hemp as superfood

Di: Laura Rueda Terapeutico

Superfoods are here to stay. Presented in this manner, they seem like authentic champions of the hipster movement, that have come, cape included, to save us from a poor nutritional routine. But this is misleading,they are not new, they have been a part of the diets of indigenous peoples for many thousands of years.

Hemp as superfood

Superfoods, a world of possibilities

Antioxidants, omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, fibre, calcium, polyphenols, vitamins, beta carotene, proteins, chlorophyll, minerals…Superfood offer innumerable benefits and properties for our health.  Right now they seem like the coolest thing in the world, rediscovered by modern chefs and nutritionists for their multiple possibilities both culinary and aesthetic, they also have a multitude of medicinal uses.

Hemp as superfood

These tiny foods can cure both body and mind, as well as providing us with energy and giving us a pinch of youth. You have certainly heard talk of many of them and probably already use some of them regularly in your diet. Quinoa, linseed, chia seeds, maca, espirulina, tradicional yeast, goji berries, matcha tea, green tea, wheatgrass, nutritional yeast, coconut oil, …and hemp in all its different forms!

Hemp, source of proteins and healthy fats

Hemp protein, hemp seeds… Hemp, in its different forms, is also a superfood and is particularly nutritious. It’s perfect who base their diet on proteins and healthy fats. On the specialised website Mundo Arcoiris, hemp is considered “the mother plant, one of the most important plants of the vegetable kingdom, due to its versatility and its multiple uses in the fields of medicine, food, bioconstruction, permaculture and organic farming”… Nothing much, then! On this portal we find it in several forms: whole hemp seeds, peeled hemp seeds and hemp protein.

Hemp as superfood

With hemp seeds we can make hemp seed milk, delicious and very easy to make. Amongst its properties include a richness in essential fatty acids, omega 3 and 6, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and sugar. Hemp seeds are the perfect compliment for salads, shakes, vegetable soups and tarts. And they give us essential amino acids, omega 3 and 6, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, calcium and potassium. Hemp protein is used a lot by sports people and athletes, as its easy absorption makes it the easiest way to take vegetable proteins.

The most ancient cultivation of humanity

The brand Stevia Premium also offers various products  made with hemp, assuring us that “it is an excellent source of proteins, minerals, and dietary fibre. Cannabis sativa is the oldest crop of humanity and one of the most useful for its CBD content”. We can also read on its website the properties of hemp products and their multiple uses. It can be used to make infusions, for vapour inhalation; to strengthen the immune system; to combat insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression. It has a high fiber balance; it is anti-inflammatory; maintains the level of hydration in skin and hair; combats skin problems, reduces cholesterol and clean arteries …

Hemp as superfood

Among its products are hemp flour, as well as capsules and buds with high levels of CBD and low levels of THC, lower than the legal maximum allowed by the EU. Now they present their topical CBD balm, with great moisturizing power, which can help reduce pain and inflammation and is made from natural products with hemp extract. It is recommended for application during the day and before bed.

Perfect for vegan, vegetarian and sports diets

Hemp seeds and protein are widely used by vegetarians, vegans or athletes. Its use has been documented in ancient civilizations like Chinese medicine. And in addition to its many properties, it tastes delicious. Needless to say, hemp has no psychotropic effect.

And you? Are you a regular user of superfoods? Are you discovering them little by little? What is your current favourite?


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