J. Lo’s surprising beauty secret

J. Lo’s surprising beauty secret

Di: Rebeca Argudo Terapeutico

Renowned international star Jennifer López has always been a beauty in every sense of the word. Even now, at 50 years old, she looks unbeatable. What’s her secret?

Well, the surprising beauty secret of J. Lo is none other than the use of a natural Botox composed of biotulin and cannabis, the most evident effects of which are firm wrinkle-free skin and reduced bags and dark circles.

J. Lo’s surprising beauty secret

Biotulin is a non-injectable organic Botox; the main difference from traditional Botox is that it doesn’t numb the epidermis or limit facial expression as it doesn’t cause temporary muscular paralysis caused by the injectable botulinum toxin. It’s applied as a normal cream and is quickly absorbed. Due to its results, there’s no need to envy those achieved through surgical treatments since the skin quickly becomes softer and more flexible, achieving a smooth, firm appearance without the tightness produced by botulinum toxin.

This product’s formula contains spilanthol, a fatty amino acid with anaesthetic properties obtained from Acmella oleracea; this plant is also known as “herb of the teeth”, specifically due to its anaesthetic properties and it traditionally being given to relieve toothache. Thanks to spilanthol, facial features are relaxed as it reduces muscle contractions and wrinkles disappear.

J. Lo’s surprising beauty secret

Another ingredient which is responsible for hydrating and restoring the skin’s loss of elasticity due to age is extracted from the plant Imperata Cylindrica, native to desert regions of South America.



It also contains hyaluronic acid, a classic ingredient in anti-ageing creams as it provides the skin with natural volume which, combined with the other ingredients, has ensured that other celebrities such as Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton can’t live without it.

Now the brand has combined the usual ingredients of Biotulin with cannabis sativa seeds in an eye cream that manages to reduce eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles immediately, providing an instantly youthful shimmering and look.

It’s not surprising, then, that Jennifer López can’t live without her Biotulin with cannabis, and that her appearance is fantastic.

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