Learn how to dry marijuana, the best stage!

Learn how to dry marijuana, the best stage!

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At last comes that long-awaited moment, harvest time. Although we still have to wait a little longer to enjoy the high quality cannabis we have produced, we are entering the last stage of self-cultivation: drying, curing and conservation. This last step is as important as the first and the success of our small self-cultivation for personal use depends on it being carried out correctly.

Below are some tips to teach you how to dry marijuana correctly and get the most out of your self-cultivation.

The first thing is to remove the large leaves, this is called manicuring. Once all the large leaves have been removed, the plant stems can be cut. The smaller resin-containing leaves can also be cut, dried and stored to make resin concentrates.

To dry marijuana at home, you need a cool, dark, dry place where ventilation can be controlled. The flowers need to be placed with the stems up, using clothes hangers, a clothes horse or special nets that are sold in grow shops. It is very important that the temperature and humidity of the environment are controlled, the ideal temperature is between 16 to 20ºC with humidity of between 40 and 50%. One of the main questions that often arise, is how long it takes to dry marijuana. The drying of a plant usually takes two to three weeks, and it is important to set aside this time and not try and hurry the process, because the drier the leaves, the better the quality of the product. As a guide, when the marijuana is dry the twigs will crack when you try to fold them in half.

In order to finish the drying process, it’s necessary to separate the flowers from the branches and to place them in a cardboard or unvarnished wooden box for a week more. For correct drying of the buds, the box should be opened once a day to remove any moisture that may remain, and change their position.

To further improve the quality of the product, It needs to be cured. This involves putting it in dark glass or plastic sealed cans. There are some containers called Tight-Vac, which eliminate the air inside them when closed. In this type of container, whatever the chosen mode, marijuana can be kept in perfect condition for a long time, although they should not be exposed to sunlight. If you choose another form of conservation, such as glass jars, in the refrigerator.

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