Ready For Launch: Zamnesia 2.0

Ready For Launch: Zamnesia 2.0

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“The time has come”, the walrus said, “for Zamnesia to launch its newly updated website”.

Well, the walrus didn’t really say that. But Zamnesia certainly is optimising the shopping experience by releasing a brand new, fully updated, super functional, easy to read, subtly pastel, and mobile-friendly website version 2.0. With the Zamnesia reputation for quality products, it is only appropriate that the new website reflects such commitment to customer experience and service.

To celebrate, Zamnesia is having a 6-day sales event: A completely insane 20% reduction in prices, starting in the Seedshop on the 14th of April. Each day, a different shop will feature the discount, amounting to unbeatable savings across the board! Seeds, growing hardware, paraphernalia, and everything from Europe’s favourite head shop will be discounted.

The current website hasn’t had a face lift since 2012. And seeing as the world didn’t come to an end in any kind of Mayan-predicted cataclysm, it is high time to prepare for a stellar future as the whole world is tuning in and turning on. The same awesome product range will be easier to navigate with a slick cart and smoother payment at checkout.

An updated design and colour scheme will perfectly complement the enhanced operation of the new site. Users who predominantly use mobile devices will be thrilled with the increased functionality and usability. The natural and inviting soft pastel colours are easy on the eyes. With the new layout being clear and undemanding, desktop users will also enjoy the same enriched experience.

Ready For Launch: Zamnesia 2.0

New Zamnesia customers will discover a world of well-presented products on a website with a great feel. Returning customers, and there are many, will enjoy the same mellow vibe and low-pressure sales encounter they have come to expect—only with better functionality and ease of use.

Come on and check out the new **Zamnesia website, and appreciate the best discounts on the best products for 2019!

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