Tricks to keep your marijuana seeds safe

Tricks to keep your marijuana seeds safe

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Your cannabis seeds are living things and the quality of your future harvest depend on them. Therefore, although they are reputed to be very resistant, until you cultivate them, it is essential to keep them away from external factors like extreme temperatures, humidity and exposure to light or air. If you are one of those who buys extra seeds and has to guard them until next harvest, this post is for you!

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Conserving your seeds well is key as the cycle of life depends on them. These seeds are so strong that they can germinate up totwenty years after their production. On the other hand we can shorten their useful lifespan to just a few weeks if they germinate unseen in a plastic bag. Here are some tips for optimum conservation:

  • Suitable containers

You can use a zippered bag or a plastic container which is dark opaque and airtight. In short, containers that can be sealed. The objective is to eliminate the humidity that can appear in your seeds. Some suitable containers for storing seeds are old style camera film containers, a tightvac type jar, an eppendorf tube (in which bought seeds often come) or an airtight bag.

  • Allies that reinforce insulation

To reinforce the insulation we can put whatever recipient we have chosen into another container a little bigger (like a tupperware container or a lunchbox) and fill it with grains of rice, which will absorb any ambient humidity. We need to avoid enemies such as mould and fungus at all costs.

  • Recommended places

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It is advisable to keep the seeds in the part of the house with the lowest temperature, which is normally the fridge. If it is non-frost, all the better. Be careful, don´t put them in the freezer, because this could cause damage. Don´t keep them in a warm place, as they could germinate. Never keep your seeds in plastic envelopes because these do not tolerate the humidity of the fridge well.

  • Other corners of the house

A drawer away from the light, any corner that is free from moisture, places closer to the floor than the ceiling (for coolness)…There are many possibilities. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that it is dark, dry and cool. Wherever it may be, once they are there, it’s a good idea not to move them too much to avoid changes in temperature.

  • Ideal temperature and humidity

The ideal temperature for seed conservation is between 4 and 8º. If we are talking about humidity, the ideal would be around 10 -20%. Our seeds are like little vampires, the light of the sun is not good for them and can make them germinate early.

  • A little order

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Separating the seeds according to type and writing it on a piece of paper is a good idea for many reasons. Firstly because whatever time passes, even if your memory fails you, you will still have the information. The second is because opening and closing the airtight containers where the seeds are kept could cause deterioration.

  • Enemies to avoid

Be careful of small insects and rodents, who will see your seeds as an opportunity for food and finish them off. For this reason it’s important to keep them in airtight containers and not open them too much to preserve them intact.


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