Cherry Dream

The Exclusive House Dessert

Cherry Dream is an indica-dominant feminized cannabis seed that is designed for demanding palates always eager for new sensations. One of the priorities when designing this plant was to achieve a unique and different flavor that would appeal to cultured tasters. It’s our special “house dessert,” and it’s a limited edition, so be sure to order it while there are units left.
To baptize it, we have combined the best of a pure Afghani Landrace from the 90s with a sweet Cherry that is full of flavor. The best of both worlds in one dish – this is how the best recipes come to be. One side brings to the table the autochthonous and authentic character and the other brings the perfect touch of distinction.
The result is 70% indica dominant, making it resistant and easy to grow, with special growth patterns and a good yield. It reaches a THC of 19%, so the effect is remarkable.
It also happens that the Cherry Dream plant is charming to the eye. Its name comes from those dark green and red hints, black in some places, which give it an aspect that reminds one of the small, ripe cherry in the purest Japanese Sakura style. It is an elegant species and distinguished also visually.

Growing Cherry Dream

This seed is grown quite simply, being suitable for a newbie and for an expert who wants to include a delicate delight in his garden. Its indica dominance is what makes the work easy.

Indoors we recommend using a SOG technique, placing the highest plants around the perimeter, or a well organized SCROG technique. You can reach 450 grams per square meter without any problem in a flowering period of between 60 and 65 days. Apical pruning or FIM pruning will help you get a more leafy plant.

The plant is robust and resistant, with medium internodal spacing and large and compact buds. Outdoors you can exceed a meter and a half in height easily with the basic nutritional contributions. This is how you can get the best buds from Cherry Dream. Harvest time in the Northern hemisphere comes in the last week of September or the first week of October. We have seen this plant outdoors providing more than 500 grams per unit.

It is a hearty seed that will grow enthusiastically if it has access to a good climate and good nutrients. It just wants to grow!

Flavor and Effect of Cherry Dream

The taste of the Cherry Dream is a real treat, worthy of being reserved for special occasions. Thanks to its Cherry component, it has a very pleasant sugary and sweet quality; it is a fruity plant, close to ripe cherries, plums, and berries. It will leave a lasting flower fragrance in the pituitary. It really is a signature dessert! The best thing is that its flavor lasts in resin extractions.

The effect is top-notch indica, powerful thanks to that 19% THC. If we had to define it in two words, we would say: “happy relaxation.” It activates optimism and helps you to rest. It is a more-than-necessary contribution of peace in the times we live. Try not to smile with the Cherry Dream and let us know how that went.

Edizione limitata

Cherry Dream

Cherry Dream
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Video e foto “Il prodotto ricevuto può variare dalle immagini”

Un seme di pace e gioia che sa di frutti di bosco e con un effetto indico da manuale. La Cherry Dream è un piacere in edizione limitata con una personalità unica. Nella sua genetica c'è una varietà autoctona afgana e una buona cherry a dargli sapore.

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Indica Indica


Sativa Sativa

Periodo di fioritura

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Lungo Lungo


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Molto intenso Molto intenso

Cherry x Afghan 90

Seme: Seme: Femminizzato

CBD: <0,5 %

Effetto: Equilibrato

THC: 19 %

Cultura: Idroponico, Guerrilla

Caratteristiche: Per principianti, Resistente ai parassiti

Sapore: Fruttato, Dolce



Ciclo di fioritura: 60-65 giorni

Produzione: 400-450 gr/m2



Raccolto: September - October

Produzione: 500 gr/pianta

Foto dei nostri clienti

sofiamariajimenez – Cherry Dream
sofiamariajimenez – Cherry Dream
sofiamariajimenez – Cherry Dream

Recensioni dei clienti

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- 14/06/2022

10 de 10 Excelente

Me encantó cultivar esta variedad. Producción espectacular,, es una variedad muy resistente a plagas y facil de cultivar, super recomendable !!!

sofiamariajimenez – Cherry Dream sofiamariajimenez – Cherry Dream sofiamariajimenez – Cherry Dream

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