Hong Kong’s first CBD cafe and store opens in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s first CBD cafe and store opens in Hong Kong

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Found, located in the Hong Kong neighborhood of Sheung Wan, is the first cafe offering CBD products to open in the Chinese city. This cozy shop with modern and minimalist decor opens from 11am to 6pm and boasts of having diffused through its social networks the numerous wellbeing benefits that cannabis-based products can provide.

Despite the fact that China laws are especially strict when it comes to cannabisin cases of possession of more than 5 kg of marijuana, offenders may face severe penalties including the death penalty – pure CBD is a legal cannabinoid only when used as food and as long as users have the required valid license for its production, purchase or distribution.

Moreover, it is undeniable that the choice of Hong Kong to host this innovative entrepreneurial project was not accidental since it is an open, cosmopolitan and modern urban region. Thereby, this concept store offers a wide variety of products using CBD as ingredient: a food and beverages menu that goes from creamy chocolate, raspberry and green tea cupcakes to sweet treats for pets or from coffee to tinctures and even beers.



This spacious and bright high-end space is, at the same time, a boutique café and concept store. A spot that aims to become a safe venue for Hongkongers and visitors to taste and enjoy a wide range of CBD-infused products like coffees, juices or beers, accompanied by some of its exquisite pastries; a very special place where you can get a treat to take home or you may also find the perfect gift.

The mover behind this initiative is Altum International, a company that produces and distributes CBD infused food, drinks and cosmetics. Found would be the first physical store and sales point in Asia dedicated exclusively to the consumer of CBD products and will definitely help publicizing this emerging sector and the numerous benefits of cannabidiol. Here you will be able to find and taste a selection of oils, body balms, coffees and teas, ice creams, chocolates, cookies and pastries publicize this sector, as well as a trained and knowledgeable staff with employees who are prepared to guide customers through the process and inform them about the benefits of cannabinoids by answering all their doubts and thus breaking down the stigma and prejudice surrounding the substance. Furthermore, those consumers already familiar with the effects and possible benefits of using CBD – like relieve chronic pain or balance mood and sleep – will find a safe space for them to enjoy a wide variety of sophisticated and surprising products containing not only cannabidiol but also other cannabinoids such as cannabigerol (CBG) or cannabichromene (CBC).

Hong Kong’s first CBD cafe and store opens in Hong Kong

At Found, they are committed to paying special attention to a continuous dissemination and communication work so that they can contribute to educate the general public against prejudice and overcome ignorance about cannabis. Consequently, the top priority is to ensure a safe and comfy space for customers to feel welcome to explore and enjoy a unique experience that turns out to be both liberating and beneficial.

Kannabia seed Company vende ai suoi clienti un prodotto da collezione, un souvenir. Non possiamo e non dobbiamo dare consigli sulla coltivazione perché il nostro prodotto non è destinato a tale scopo.

Non siamo responsabili dell’uso illecito che potrebbe essere fatto da parte di terzi delle informazioni qui pubblicate. La coltivazione della cannabis per autoconsumo è un’attività soggetta a determinate restrizioni legali che variano da stato a stato. Si consiglia di rivedere la normativa vigente nel Paese di residenza per evitare di incorrere nello svolgimento di un’attività illecita.