Buy weed from women!

Buy weed from women!

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The cannabis industry, like many others, remains mostly masculine. Therefore, when we discover projects full of sisterhood, which support women who decide to undertake in this sector, we feel the need to share it. In addition to an online store, Buy weed from women, BWFW, is an initiative that has a very clear objective: to create a US national directory of cannabis women.

Buy weed from women!

“Have you supported a business owned by a woman? If you haven’t, you can start today. It’s Saturday“. 

This repost was posted on Womengrow’s Instagram from the Buy weed from women account. It was an illustrated publication with a bag, which is in its collection, in which we could read the same message, and that ended up being somewhat controversial. Yes, again annoyed people who ask for ‘equality’ when you talk about gender. ‘Neither sexism nor feminism’. We were able to read old-school comments of all kinds, such „buy quality weed and responsible growers LOL,“ or „one would think that someone who smoked cannabis would do something of more quality.“

Buy weed from women!

Neither sexism nor feminism

But the truth is that, although there are people who continue to defend that “neither machismo nor feminism, that the important thing is people”, the cannabis industry is still mostly male, so we are glad to know this and other initiatives that we tell you in this post. We are left with the message of this girl, „what if we only give women more positions in the industry in general, rather than just being pretty faces?“ Or with the message of this other person: “female leadership is essential for the cannabis industry to thrive. Thank you for leading the way. ”

“We are building a national directory of women related to cannabis, fill out the form below and join our growing community. We need each other. ”

This is how the creators of Buy weed from women are presented from their website. In his Instagram account they are defined as “Construction, consulting and branding with women. Let’s canna-collaborate!

“We work with good women, with good brands. Brands whose owners are cannabis women. Our product and our promotional collaborations allow us to build bright products, large containers and more lucrative and stronger communities for our women”, we can read in this definition that appears on their website.

„Buy women’s weed.“ This phrase is present in the three products that are available in your online store: a shirt, a bag and a jacket. Through this union between cannabis women weave a network of sorority and empowerment. In his Instagram we also read messages against pollution such as: „Do not buy grass from boys or dirty men who believe in buildings that harm the environment.“ But we can also read revolutionary messages based on care. A photo of two women with a face mask and smoking cannabis with the text: „Ladies, remember self-care.“

Buy weed from women!

Other brands full of sorority

We found more empowering sisterhood messages in the Whoopi and Maya account: “hey you! If you. There is important news for you. You are beautiful exactly as you are”; „We bleed and this matters“ or „together we can“. This brand of medicinal cannabis products, many edibles, designed specifically to relieve menstrual discomfort is popularly known for being created by the mythical actress Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth, founder of Om Edibles and winner of seven High Times Cannabis Cup awards, which She enjoys a growing reputation as one of the best creators of medical cannabis products in California.

Quim is another of the cannabis brands that, together with Foria Wellness, is dedicated to the sale of products related to the greatest pleasures, sex. And here we enter another field that historically has always been predominantly masculine, sex. These two brands, in addition to selling their products, are responsible for breaking taboos around sex.

Buy weed from women!

In the Quim Instagram account we can also read some messages like: “Did you know that the clitoris has no reproductive function? Its sole purpose is to give pleasure. Treat it with the love and attention it deserves, it is here for only one reason! ”or “A useful reminder that self-love is true love, the first love that encompasses everything. It all starts here! ”With a screenshot of a singer Grace Jones video that conveys a message: “In a room full of people, love yourself first”.

All these projects have something in common, sorority among women: support, care, messages of encouragement and empowerment. To teach feminine references very different from each other and, above all, to discover that we are not alone in this cannabis world, as we are not in the other sub worlds that fit in this world. The women are here!



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