This is Kannabia’s Kaboom

This is Kannabia’s Kaboom

Por: Roberto Kannabia Cultura

We’d like to share with you all a short video filmed by Mountain Breeders. He participates with Kannabia’s Reina de Africa (Kaboom) in the Master Seed Cup hosted by Red Yerba. Here you can check the plan before and after cuts, after 56 flowering days.

The grower wrote to us: “I love this genetics, it reacted quite well to apical pruning and, above all, it gave out a wonderful production with hard buds and very resinous. I’ve just tried them and I wish to congratulate you about the Reina de África. Truly, I can say that it’s been a while since I haven’t taste a weed that I liked so much. Smell is unbelievable and I love the taste. I will recommend it and plant it again with no doubt. Both have produced more than 100gr (dry). Good job and congratulations.”

We are really glad to hear about the good results. Kannabia’s team has invested a lot of effort and put on so much care to create Reina de África (Kaboom) seeds.

YouTube video

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