Cannabis wine enters our lives

Cannabis wine enters our lives

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On this blog we have talked about cannabis beers made with barley and marijuana oil, and also beers made with 100%  cannabis. We have told you about the tendency of millennials to consume more cannabis and to be less and less interested in alcohol. And we have told you that the soft drink industry is also making products based on this plant. How could we not write about a limited-edition cannabis wine that already has a waiting list?

A white wine with THC and no alcohol

Rebel Coast Winery has launched a Sauvignon Blanc infused with THC, which contains up to 20 mg per bottle and is free of alcohol, a feature that makes it stand out for being low in calories. It is a highly distinctive white wine with aromas reminiscent of thyme, lavender and bright citrus, with a clean fresh finish and without a strong marijuana flavour .. Its flavour is just like a non-cannabis sauvignon blanc, fresh, refreshing, with a powerful sensation in the mouth..

Cannabis wine enters our lives

Waiting list for a $60 wine

This American wine is made from grapes from Sonoma (California) and its sale is only through specialized stores in limited edition. It is only available for sale to over 21s, or 18, if you have health insurance. As soon as you enter the Rebel Coast website (Costa Rebelde) you are asked for your details to sign up to the waiting list, as pre-order of this cannabis-infused wine is necessary for legal reasons. Its price is not suitable for all pockets, since it costs about 60 dollars per bottle!

No alcohol, only THC

On the website they explain that they do not have alcohol because legally mixing alcohol and THC is not permitted and Rebel Coast likes to follow the rules. Instead they highlight the few calories that each glass carries, about 35 calories and that consumption will not produce a hangover, no matter how many glasses of the bottle that we drink! Tempting!

Things change when we talk about percentage of THC, since each bottle contains about 20 mg of Tetrahydrocannabinol, which translates to about 5 mg of THC per glass. An amount which they emphasize for newcomers to cannabis, is not particularly strong, as in the states up to 10 mg per portion is allowed.

“After one glass you won’t be thinking your couch is a hippo with short legs or anything,” the site reads. “We set out to mimic the experience you’d find with traditional wine; a couple glasses will put most people in a great place.”

Cannawine, a Spanish cannabis wine

In Spain we have a similar product. Cannawine is a young cannabis wine company. “A new concept is born in the cannabis world”, we read on its website. It is a wine unlike any other on the market, they tell us, since its composition makes it a unique product, “containing in a single bottle the strengths that wine itself brings, the properties of Cannabis Sativa L “

Cannawine is an exclusive product, but attractive to all types of of diners producing the relaxing, anti-stress, cheerful and euphoric effect which is characteristic of wine By including non-psychoactive cannabinoids, you get a great taste, smell, and body, whilst enjoying the qualities of cannabidiol.

Cannabis wine enters our lives

The first Spanish red wine flavoured with hemp extract

Cannawine offers us two wines. Cannawine Tinto, the first Spanish wine flavoured with hemp extract enriched with cannabinoids. “Made of young Garnacha and Cariñana grapes, 50% red, with an intense cherry red, coming from the Costa Brava, offering a sweet honey taste with a touch of red and black fruits, easy to drink, but hard to forget”, We read on the website. It can be enjoyed cold and, in addition to savoring a great wine, you get the exuberance of cannabidiol. It has less than 0.2% THC. In appearance “it has an intense cherry red mid layer.” To the nose “it has a range of spectacular aromas against a background of red and black fruit, awakening memories of Mediterranean herbs and floral touches”.

The first Spanish white wine flavoured with hemp extract

There is also Cannawine blanco, the first Spanish white wine flavoured with hemp extract enriched with cannabinoids. “A pale yellow colour, thick with grapes from the Costa Brava, Garnacha blanca and Macabeo at 50%, a balance of refreshing exotic fruits that offers a sweet and sweet taste to fall in love with”. It is perfect cold and to awaken the joys of spring. The final taste is Cannabis Sativa L, grown in the Delta del Ebro. The nose “stands out for the combination of exotic fruity notes on a balsamic background and Mediterranean forest herbs”. Both are organically grown, free of pesticides and chemicals. The palate “surprises with its balance and a refreshing taste you will fall in love with and want to drink more”.

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