HO KARAN, cannabis cosmetic without stress

HO KARAN, cannabis cosmetic without stress

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Cannabis reaches multinational chain of personal care and beauty stores and we’re crazy about it! HO KARAN is a French cannabis brand for skin care that, since this month, can be found in Sephora. Due to its moisturizing power, one of its flagship products is organic hemp oil. You can buy it now together with the Eye Contour care.

HO KARAN, cannabis cosmetic without stress

HO KARAN is not a newly landed brand in the market. In France it has been in existence for 2 years. However, it is now when this firm has dared to set foot in Spain through Sephora, one of the most popular makeup, perfume, beauty and skincare chain stores in our country.

Stress-free and vegan cosmetics

We like the ethics of HO KARAN. This firm makes it very clear that: it is 100% legal, its products are entirely made in France (they work with cannabis farmers that use organic and biodynamic processes) and it is 100% vegan.

Its slogan, “no healthy humans on an unhealthy planet”, naturally led them to join the “1% for the Planet” movement, in which members donate 1% of their sales to environmental conservation associations.

In its web, we can read that they believe in no-stress cosmetics.

“Our natural, vegan care products are conscientiously produced in France, to give you happy skin and a clean conscience”.

Its products, developed with inclusiveness in mind, are suitable for all, whatever sex or age. You won’t find anti-ageing products or products that promote anti-natural beauty in our ranges. This firm doesn´t make false promises: they just offer simple care products for all.

HO KARAN, cannabis cosmetic without stress

Cannabic cosmetics

At HO KARAN they have hemp in the skin! They affirm that Cannabis sativa is the most revolutionary and destressing plant that nature has offered us. The exceptional ratio of antioxidants and Omega 3 of its oil-3 to 40 times higher than Argan and coconut – gives it detoxifying, regenerative and revitalizing virtues.

They also tell us something it will give much to talk about: “The discovery of cannabinoid receptors in the human body, and more specifically on the skin, makes the dermatological research around this plant even more exciting!”The founder tells us how the story began in 1965, when her grandparents Jean and Ginette started Growing hemp. HO KARAN, “I love you” in Breton, is a declaration to these hemp growers, to their spirit, and to our planet.

Miss Cannabis, a light-hearted name for a very serious mission: to reveal the beauty of hemp and cannabis around the world. To this purpose, she has initiated Cannatour, a series of interviews with the various people involved in the industry, to show the faces and listen to the voices of those whose love and conviction drives them every day” Her aim is “to combat stigma and help people (re)discover this plant, which has been used for millennia in medicine and nutrition, but was wrongly discredited in the mid-20th century”. Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, San Francisco, Los Angeles…, Miss Cannabis is traveling half the world and has already spoken with such important people in the cannabis world as Raphael Mechoulam.

HO KARAN, cannabis cosmetic without stress

HO KARAN products

Sephora offer the Cannabis sativa hemp oil, 100% ingredients of natural origin, without THC. This multi-use oil moisturizes, regenerates and gives a real blow of radiance to the skin as well as to the hair. It’s obtained by first cold pressure to preserve all its virtues; it is the great ally of tired, stressed or dehydrated skins. It is rich in vitamin E and composed of 80% of essential fatty acids. It is also suitable for the most sensitive skins. Cannabis sativa oil is one of the most nutritious oils known to date. “A true treasure of health and beauty used for millennia, this oil regenerates and gives a real blow of radiance to the skin as well as to the hair.”

The cream Eye Contour is associated with decongestant and detoxifying assets. Its fine, melting texture contains aloe vera gel, silk tree extract and hyaluronic acid. Its light formula, specially studied, acts in two times: An immediate blur effect to “erase” dark circles and a revitalizing effect in the long term to correct pockets and fine lines. It promises a fresh, untired and relaxed look. Ultimately, it attenuates signs of skin fatigue, it promotes micro-circulation and it regenerates and strengthens the skin.

Kannabia Seeds Company sells to its customers a product collection, a souvenir. We cannot and we shall not give growing advice since our product is not intended for this purpose.

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