Importance of cannabis terpenes

Importance of cannabis terpenes

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We would like to focus on this topic for several reasons. In the first place, for the proven benefit those terpenes give us, and secondly, what would be the meaning of a flower without aroma or taste? None, of course.

That pleasure that enters through your nose and reaches your soul almost … how rich are the terpenes!

Importance of cannabis terpenes


Terpenes are aromatic molecules, composed of mostly monoterpenes, myrcene, pinene, limonene, eucalyptol, etc. Also by sequiterpenes, cariofileno and triterpenos. The balance of the latter will be the final flavour and aroma of your flowers.

Several factors intervene in the formation of terpenes and genetics is always important. Selected crosses will save you from growing flowers that have no taste at all. I still remember a colleague who told me that all the flowers tasted like grass until he selected his cultivation and planted more elaborated genetics.

The environment where you grow the crops, the additives or fertilizers you use, the natural or artificial light spectra, etc. will also directly influence the formation of these terpenes. All together well worked so that your garden is flooded with aromas. You will get a free aromatherapy session every day!

It is recommended when making the cut that the plant is always ripe, compact and full of aroma; do it in the morning before the temperatures rise since the terpenes are volatile and the heat affects them considerably.

Importance of cannabis terpenes

Terpenes will also help us attract beneficial insects to our garden as they have a repellent effect.

Apart from giving flavour and aromas to the plant, terpenes have numerous beneficial effects. More than 100 terpenes can be found in cannabis and it is impossible to list them all, we will however highlight the most found in cannabis genetics.


It is found in many plants of the vegetable kingdom as the main oil in eucalyptus and can be up to 100% of the essential oil.

It has anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties and it’s a great help with the respiratory system conditions. This terpene is found mostly in sativa genetics rather than indica.


Myrcene is mostly found in indica genetics; it has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which can also be used as a muscle relaxant.

Together with other cannabinoids, it generates a relaxing and corporal effect. It will highly enhance the effect of the flower.




This terpene can be mainly found in lavender. Linalool in combination with cannabis cannabinoids has high benefits and anti-seizure effects. It is a good anxiolytic and is also effective in soothing skin burns. It will be a good pest repellent.


Pinene can be present in a plant up to 20%, has bronco-dilatory and anti-inflammatory properties. It will also help you a lot with your memory! Equally important is that it has been proven as anticancer agent.


Very good for the pathologies of depression and anxiety, cariofileno is highly resistant to decarboxylation which makes it present in cannabis extracts, and is authorised for human consumption. It is found in various herbs and spices.

Delta 3 carene

This is highly good for diseases such as arthritis and fibromyalgia because of the anti-inflammatory and chronic pain calming properties. It helps with bone healing and would be a good ally against osteoporosis.

It can also be found in basil, rosemary, cedar and other plants.


It is very effective for stress and fatigue, also proven to reduce cancer cells. It is anticoagulant and a first-class natural aesthetic! It was used in Chinese medicine for acupuncture. It will protect your plant against predators and pests.

I hope this article has helped you solve some doubts and encourages you to investigate a little more about terpenes and their benefits.

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