Dosidos Auto

Lemon cookies

As if cookies aren’t already irresistible enough, just imagine mini cookies. You just can’t get enough! This version of the renowned Dosidos, which you can also find at the Kannabia Seed Company, is an exemplary autoflowering marijuana seed.  A true case study for beginners who want to know how this type of plant works.

It’s an appetising indica-dominant seed (not excessively so but just enough to be considered an indica) that inherits properties from its breed. Just as we draw traits from our grandparents, this auto looks to Face Off OG and Girl Scout Cookies that gave rise to Dosidos to boast a super-sweet citrus scent and soothing potency that would calm a titan.

When combined with BF Super Auto #1 from Barney’s Farm, this autoflowering variety is unbeatable, with production levels that exceed novice and expert growers’ expectations.

As we’ve mentioned, the mood ratio is 65% indica and 35% sativa. And although the effect is mental and physical, the fact that it’s a natural relaxant is indisputable.

Cultivation of Dosidos Auto

With a component as reliable as BF Super Auto #1, little can be given in terms of cultivation advice You’d have to do pretty badly to be left unsatisfied.

Indoors, simply apply logic: use the Sea Of Green method for the Dosidos Auto seeds, allowing 75 days for them to complete their cycle with a photoperiod of 18 hours of light. They should be one metre tall and provide you with a yield of 600 grams per square metre. It’s the option that we’d recommend for a good harvest. Enjoy it!

Outdoors, if you can manage a Guerrilla grow under the Mediterranean sun with good conditions, you could obtain 200 grams per plant with no problems. The plants will reach one and a half metres high.

Short internodal distance (as you’d expect), pointed leaves that sprout in all directions, round compact buds, a countless number of trichomes covering the plant. Sounds good, and it’s true.

Taste and effect of Dosidos Auto

This is the dessert that you’ll order everywhere you go (the one that will excuse the first and second courses – whatever they were). It tastes sweet and citrussy like lemon meringue pie, together with an earthy roughness. If it’s warm and cosy on top of that, we’ve got our granny baker’s recipe before our eyes, right? 

Reaching 20%, the THC level is slightly higher than that of the feminised Dosidos. It’s mainly indica so the effect is relaxing, satisfying and pleasant. Mentally, it helps to dismantle the problems that worry us most.

New, Genetica americana

Dosidos Auto

Dosidos Auto
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La Dosidos Auto tra le autofiorenti è la torta al limone che ti preparava la nonna. È una indica con un dolce effetto rilassante, una pianta che crescerà senza problemi grazie alla potente spinta che le dà la BF Super Auto #1

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Indica Indica


Sativa Sativa

Periodo di fioritura

Corto Corto


Lungo Lungo


Bassa Bassa


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Poco intenso Poco intenso


Molto intenso Molto intenso

Girl Scout Cookies x OG Kush x Ruderalis

Seme: Seme: Autofiorenti

CBD: <0,5 %

Effetto: Rilassante

THC: 20 %

Cultura: Guerrilla

Caratteristiche: Per principianti

Sapore: Citrico, Terroso



Ciclo completo: 75 giorni

Altezza media: 100

Produzione: 600 gr/m2

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