Mikromachine Auto

The production machine

If there’s one thing we’re proud of at Kannabia, it’s the high-quality hybrid seeds we create. We take the best from the finest samples and combine them to accomplish indisputable wonders such as one of the jewels in our crown of hybrids – the Mikromachine Auto. This hybrid is the result of a union between two of the best and most famous autoflowering strains of all time – Northern Lights Auto and AK-47 x Critical. While Northern Lights Auto (a pure Afghani indica) wants to keep you in the breathtaking northern winter a few metres from where the Aurora Borealis glow, AK-47 x Critical (which is 100% European) has very interesting sativa points that activate your mind with a dense, sweet smoke. The mixture of these two seeds, seasoned with ruderalis to make it more resistant, gives rise to this little sativa-dominant variety of rather superior genetics.

Cultivation of the Mikromachine Auto

Even in inexperienced hands, this small production machine provides the opportunity to harvest large amounts in small spaces. Despite having a somewhat lengthy flowering process (which can take up to 75 days), its large number of leafy buds loaded with trichomes are the reward for each extra day’s wait.

Cultivating this plant offers us great versatility. You’ll see that it’s at home both indoors and outdoors, which is why it’s very obliging with its crop regardless of where you decide to plant it. Indoors, maintaining a photoperiod of 20/4 (it even tolerates a little less light sometimes), you’ll get plants of low height but which are very compact. Its short stems, which are between 80 and 150 cm and full of extremely dense buds, can give you about 350 gr/m2.

Outdoors, the best time of year to plant this seed is spring as what it likes most is the mild heat and the long hours of sunshine typical of this season. It will also appreciate being planted directly in the ground with a well-ventilated, spongy substrate.  By following these steps, you can get a minimum of 350 grams per plant. Although it’s not recommended for this variety, you can also get a decent harvest if you plant it when temperatures are higher. You won’t have to worry too much about pests and other external agents because this Ruderalis hybrid is quite resistant wherever it grows.

Taste and effect of the Mikromachine Auto

Its organoleptic properties will also impress you. Its flavour will please the palate of the finest connoisseurs with its mixtures of sweet, earthy and fairly dominant floral tones, yet with a slightly spicy touch that rounds off the experience. A great delicacy that you’ll always want to have on hand for those little moments when you fancy something more than dessert.

In addition, this sativa-dominant has a fairly powerful and extremely euphoric psychoactive effect but without leaving your body with that leaden feeling. It invites you to get moving and carry out your day-to-day tasks with a great big smile. If you want your mind to fly without feeling that something’s taken over your body and you can’t get off the settee, savour the sweetness of this masterpiece.

Mikromachine Auto

Mikromachine Auto
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Video e foto “Il prodotto ricevuto può variare dalle immagini”

La Mikromachine Auto è uno dei nostri semi autofiorenti a più alto rendimento. Questa  varietà saporita a predominanza sativa regala un gusto pungente con aromi floreali e sapori terrosi e molto dolci. Fará volare la tua mente libera, senza che il corpo ti blocchi sul divano, dato che il suo effetto fisico sarà molto lieve.

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Indica Indica


Sativa Sativa

Periodo di fioritura

Corto Corto


Lungo Lungo


Bassa Bassa


Alta Alta


Poco intenso Poco intenso


Molto intenso Molto intenso

Seme: Seme: Femminizzato

CBD: <0,5 %

Effetto: Stimolante

THC: 14,7 %

Caratteristiche: Buona per estrazioni

Sapore: Terroso, Dolce



Ciclo completo: 70-75 giorni

Altezza media: 60-70

Produzione: 600 gr/m2



Produzione: 250 gr/pianta

Foto dei nostri clienti

sofiamariajimenez – sofiamariajimenez@gmail.com: Mikromachine Auto
sofiamariajimenez – sofiamariajimenez@gmail.com: Mikromachine Auto

Recensioni dei clienti

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- 04/07/2022

9 de 10 Excelente

•Cepa autofloreciente se adapta de maravilla a todo tipo de climas, incluso a los mas complicados por su elevada humedad.
Es fuerte y muy resistente a plagas y oidio.

•Requiere pocos cuidados, por lo que es ideal para todo tipo de cultivadores, pero sobre todo para los que se están iniciando en el mundo del autocultivo.

•No quiere demasiada agua y tampoco demasiada comida (no te pases con los riegos ni con los fertilizantes; menos es mas) Con un buen sustrato orgánico será suficiente.

•Variedad de tamaño mediano, florece muy rápido.
Se recomiendan macetas de 7L a 11L máximo.
Esta cepa es ideal para arrancar la temporada y poder degustar unas flores tempranas y exquisitas.

sofiamariajimenez – sofiamariajimenez@gmail.com: Mikromachine Auto sofiamariajimenez – sofiamariajimenez@gmail.com: Mikromachine Auto

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