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Is it a good idea to grow different cannabis strains in the same space?

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Don’t you think growing the same marijuana can get a little monotonous? What if you want to try something new or want several genetics for specific uses? The answer is to plant several different strains in the same space, but the process is not as easy as it seems. Each variety has a different demand in terms of environment, nutrition or lighting, which can be difficult to manage. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Self-cultivation of cannabis is a practice that requires taking into account a number of factors for success. Many growers are used to growing a specific variety, as it proves to be easier because all plants keep homogeneity in terms of flowering time, nutrient requirements or the amount of light needed. However, there are many benefits if you dare to leave the comfort zone and decide to grow more than one strain at a time.

Although technically possible, there are several obvious problems in meeting the needs of many different cannabis plants that are expanding simultaneously. You can find these conditioning factors below.

Things to consider when planning multiple cropping

There are several essential factors that determine the viability of multiple cropping:

Type of genetics of cannabis

The first step is to choose suitable strains that are compatible with each other. Indica and sativa varieties are very different in their features, so they can pose a more difficult task for novices. Due to the higher height of the sativas, the biggest problem is that it will be difficult to maintain a uniform vegetable canopy. Therefore, indicas will be shaded and without light, which may cause their growth to atrophy. Hybrids, on the other hand, are a more viable option to start with, because their similarities can be easily balanced.

Type of marijuana seed

It is possible to plant photoperiod strains with autoflowering, you only need to grow both using the light program of photoperiod plants; for example, you can help your Auto grow well by extending the vegetative phase of feminized plants. So you can harvest the Auto and then switch the photoperiod plants to the flowering stage. For best results, keep an autoflowering to photoperiod ratio of 3:2.

Lighting requirements

Some varieties prefer intense light, but others don’t. You’ll notice that some of your plants work worse, depending on whether you use a light too powerful for some or not strong enough for others.

Nutritional requirements

It may not seem very important that each plant requires a different feeding ratio, but when many different foods are mixed several times a week for months, it can become very tedious: This can also be avoided by selecting varieties with comparable needs.

Space and accessibility of each floor

Reaching the plants in the back can be a challenge if you have many specimens arranged in rows. Identifying sick plants and even simple tasks such as watering or pruning can be problematic in this situation. It helps if you do your best to maintain the ideal distance to grow marijuana plants.

Optimised cultivation methods

To allow you to optimise the circumstances for as many plants as possible, it could help if you are familiar with different cultivation techniques (SOG, SCROG, LST, supercropping, topping, FIM, etc.). An effective strategy is to train the plants, pruning or bending them so that they receive the right light. If you like challenges, this way you can try that all your plants have the same height and width.

Benefits of growing multiple genetics in the same space

There are advantages and disadvantages in growing several strains together, despite how attractive it may seem. The benefits are:

  • Variety is the spice of life: when the time to consume comes you can choose the perfect bud that suits your current needs, whether you’re looking for an energising sativa or a sleepy indica. Or maybe you want something fruity for the beginning of the day and something more earthy for the afternoon.
  • Maximise the possibility of a successful yield: when you grow a single variety, you must take care of it and protect it from mold, pests and other common threats. But if your crop experiences a problem, all your plants can be compromised. Growing many strains at the same time distributes risk, as each cannabis variety has a different genetics and resistance to these types of problems.
  • Help improve your growing experience: the challenges are what improve your skills. Nothing can be compared with first-hand experience and this is what the cultivation of different strains offers. Since each has unique requirements, it allows for useful knowledge by being able to assess the characteristics, needs and conditions of each variety in relation to the others, which offers an opportunity for improvement.

Disadvantages of growing different strains in the same place

Nothing in life is all positive and growing different strains of cannabis in the same grow room is no exception. It has some major disadvantages, including:

  • Greater physical and mental effort: you have to work to meet the unique needs of each variety. This includes the effort required to control and maintain irrigation patterns and types of nutrients. All this comes down to a lot of work if you want to maintain the integrity of the crop. If time is something you can’t give your plants, you shouldn’t consider growing different varieties together.
  • More space needed: Another reason you won’t want to grow multiple genetics is the risk of overpopulating your grow room, especially if space is limited. When the crop is extremely crowded, it increases the risk of diseases, pests and an overall slow growth in plants.
  • Different harvest times: this means that the grower must be accustomed to the concept of harvesting by turns depending on the flowering times of the strains present. If you prefer to harvest your plants simultaneously, you may not want to grow different varieties.

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What are the best Kannabia strains to grow together?

Finally, here are some ideas about some of our genetics that grow well together in a single grow space:

Strains with similar height and shape

Perhaps the easiest way to choose varieties to grow together is to do so based on their height and structure. Here are some examples that grow similarly:

Long flowering strains

If you don’t mind waiting a while and want to grow several varieties together, you can choose long flowering genetics, such as the following:

Fast flowering strains

If you want your plants to grow quickly, you should choose seeds from varieties that have a shorter growth cycle. This is not just limited to autoflowering plants. Here are some photoperiod plants that grow well together:

Autoflowering strains

On the other hand, if you want something even faster, you can never go wrong by choosing autoflowering genetics like the following:

Remember, these are just recommendations for your reference. The combinations are infinite, so research well and choose accordingly. Most growers do not plant different varieties in the same space due to obvious challenges. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t too and that it is not worth an effort that will not only fill your pantry with tasty buds of all kinds, but also will make you grow in experience as a grower.

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