The USA lists marijuana as an essential product

The USA lists marijuana as an essential product

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With the start of confinement to try to alleviate the effects of the Coronavirus and stop its advancement, governments have logically kept open those establishments that supply essential products. Food, fuel and medicine (among other products classified as basic necessities) should be available to citizens at all times.

Extraordinarily, the United States government authorised that establishments which legally sell marijuana can also remain open in certain states.  With this, marijuana is tacitly recognised as an essential product, just like other basic products such as bread and hygiene items. Even prestigious newspapers like The New York Times have highlighted the fact and what it involves. 



In the first days of quarantine, the hoarding of some products was common in many countries including Spain and the USA; among others, products such as toilet paper, hand sanitiser and masks were no longer readily available due to shortages caused by high demand. In some states such as Oregon, Michigan and California where the sale of marijuana is legal, the establishments that provide it increased their sales by up to 15%, leading to long queues at store entrances and even hoarding situations.

The USA lists marijuana as an essential product

In Nevada, for example, selling is allowed as long as there is no overcrowding. To avoid this extreme, which would impede sales of the product, establishments are setting up the option to buy online and urging customers to visit stores by appointment.

In any case, it’s still good news for the cannabis industry, that in this unusual situation of a global health emergency, the product is recognised by the government as essential, not interrupting sales in the states where it is legal

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