The world’s biggest bud

The world’s biggest bud

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If you want to know what the largest bud in the world is or who broke the Guinness world record by making the largest joint, we’ll clarify your doubts. Marijuana has been present mankind’s life for centuries and its medicinal properties have been recognised in recent decades, contributing to it being legalised in many places across the world. But we’re here to teach you some fun facts in addition to giving you some tips to get bigger buds.

Guinness World Record for the largest joint

When it comes to the Guinness World Record for the largest joint, we have to take two things into consideration. First, we have the longest joint, and then the biggest joint. As you can see, the marijuana craze has reached global trademarks and, despite them not taking marijuana consumption very seriously, they’ve managed to normalise it.

The longest joint in the world

Let’s start by talking about the longest joint, which was made in Massachusetts in the USA. Reaching the incredible distance of 30 metres in length, this feat was achieved by gathering a kilo of buds.

The joint had the special characteristic of being made exclusively with marijuana, with no tobacco whatsoever. In order to accomplish this crazy idea, the hands of authentic rolling experts were deployed.

Although many people participated in this long creation, we owe our appreciation of the idea to Keith Laham, who acknowledged that he’d been in training for months to accomplish it.

The biggest joint in the world

We’re staying in America to see the biggest joint ever made. On this occasion, its sole maker, Tony Greenhand, needed more than two kilos of marijuana. Not only did he roll it, but he also created a work of art by making it look like a watermelon cut in half.

He achieved his feat in five days, carefully rolling it, and shaping and colouring it so as to give it a watermelon-like appearance. And due to the difficulty of smoking such a joint, he performed the closest thing to a feat of engineering by connecting a hose and establishing airflow.

You’re surely now wondering how to produce such large amounts of marijuana required to build these creations that we’ve described. Maybe you should start by trying to make the buds you plant flourish. In order to do this, we’ll tell you what to do and what tips to follow to achieve your goal.

What can be put on the buds to make them bigger?

It’s time to tell you what to put on the buds to make them bigger. But first, you should know some interesting facts that will help you to choose the most suitable type of bud for you.

Some buds reach larger than average sizes. Even though they don’t contain such high THC levels as the more common-sized ones, you can be proud to produce a giant that’s at least good for a peaceful night thanks to properties that aid restful sleep.

The Big Bud strain relates to giant marijuana plants – those that allow you to enjoy impressive buds in about two months, albeit without the effects of more common-sized ones. So, if you don’t want to give up on the full potential of marijuana, you should take note of a few tips.

Start by planting the seeds in the right pot

It’s true we should take into account the plant’s genetics for a good harvest; nevertheless, certain key factors are also essential, such as the room required for the roots – a space which should be neither too large nor too limited.

It’s essential to transplant the plant from one pot to another as it grows so that the roots can extend accordingly. If you opt for a large pot from outset in a bid to save yourself the trouble of transplanting it, you’ll surely fail to obtain the goal that we’re pursuing here.

For the plant to retain its full potential, the pot should be medium-sized. If it’s too small, don’t expect big buds. So, don’t be lazy when you have to find a larger area.

How to feed the plant

If you have the knowledge of how to fertilise the plant and when to use one type of fertiliser or another depending on the different growth stages, you’ll see that it’s not all that complicated to get fist-sized buds. Sounds very appealing, right?

Firstly, you should pay attention to a warning sign that the plant may show. This has to do with the yellowish colour that the leaves can adopt, which often indicates deficiencies in your crop. When faced with this situation, it’s fundamental to correct your fertilisation plan, starting straight away with cleaning the roots by washing them.

At the beginning of the vegetative phase, the plant will require calcium, potassium and magnesium. Once it reaches the flowering stage, it’s vital to increase these components whilst reducing the calcium (which it will need less of). Phosphorus and potassium will get those buds we so desire to take shape with a rather attractive size.

Ambient temperature

The average temperature that this type of plant needs is 25 °C. Light, which we can apply artificially, is a fundamental element for our plant. For optimum development, it’s best to start with a cold light during the vegetative stage; a warm light is advisable in the flowering stage.

A carbon dioxide controller can help our buds grow abundantly as it facilitates the plant’s development. Although some specialists use propane gas, we recommend taking extreme precautions with it because it’s toxic in very high quantities.

Another tip is pruning, which must be carried out meticulously throughout the process; this will ensure the plant receives all the light it needs, and grows according to our wishes.

So now you know how to grow bigger buds naturally, all you have to do is to try to get the biggest bud in the world in an attempt to replicate that mighty joint (which you’ll undoubtedly need some help with). Marijuana is a plant that’s attracting more and more followers due to its properties.

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