Esmerelda, the green goddess of facial oils

Esmerelda, the green goddess of facial oils

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Little has been said about cannabis as an ingredient in body cosmetics, but from the other side of the pond a trend is emerging and we are following it. Esmeralda Deep Moisture Glow Oil is presented in the market as the green goddess of facial oils. Its soothing formula provides deep hydration and instant absorption.

Esmerelda, the green goddess of facial oils

Natural vegan cosmetics

Herbivore Botanics have also realized the properties of cannabis. This brand of natural cosmetics was born in the kitchen of couple Julia Wills and Alexander Kummerow in Seattle, back in 2011. Their products are safe, non-toxic and highly effective. In addition, all their formulas are original and not tested on animals, but on real people.

Rich in terpenes

After many years of work they have created Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil, with the promise that “it provides the skin with rich hydration and illumination, all in a light and fast-absorbing formula”. The main ingredients are sativa cannabis seed oil (hemp), rich in omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, gamma linoleic acids and vitamin E. It is not a psychoactive oil, as it does not contain THC or CBD.

However, it is rich in natural terpenes, organic chemical compounds that add flavour and aroma to the plant. Thanks to these components, some of its properties are the relief of redness and irritation; preventing the visible signs of aging and helping to calm the mind through holistic aromatherapy.

Esmerelda, the green goddess of facial oils

Healthy luminous skin

Moreover, it contains ayurvedic healing herbs such as ashwandha and turmeric root, which help the skin cope with stressful and environmental factors such as pollution, ultraviolet rays, lack of sleep and daily stress. It also contains shiitake mushroom, which contains a high percentage of vitamin D, to help maintain healthy skin and prevent premature signs of aging.

It does not end there, since the essential oil Helichrysum is highly effective for calming signs of irritation and its light herb-based aroma brings peace and tranquility. The trio of hydrating beauty oils squalane, meadowfoam seed oil and borage seed oil ensure a high shine and moisture for the skin throughout the day.

Esmerelda, the green goddess of facial oils

One dollar for each product sold

Herbivore Botanics advocate the legalization of cannabis. Their objective is to make the properties of the plant known to the whole world, for chronic diseases, for the control of pain and for its incredible benefits for skin care. Therefore, $1 of each Esmeralda sold goes to Americans for Safe Access, an organization that supports safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research.

Esmerelda, the green goddess of facial oils

Twice daily

The package is presented in a serum format with a dropper. It can be used in the morning and at night and is recommended for use with other moisturizers, such as Pink Cloude Theme or Prism Exfoliating Glow Potion, for a perfect alchemy of the skin. This version does not contain CBD, but soon another will be ready with the same formula and this non-psychoactive cannabinoid that has been shown to be effective in soothing the tex and combating the onset of inflammation caused by rosacea and acne.

All Herbivore products are natural, vegan and free from animal cruelty. They do not contain synthetic ingredients, such as dyes, fragrances or preservatives. Their concentrated mixtures are characterized by using the minimum amount of ingredients necessary to achieve the maximum results.

Kannabia seed Company vende ai suoi clienti un prodotto da collezione, un souvenir. Non possiamo e non dobbiamo dare consigli sulla coltivazione perché il nostro prodotto non è destinato a tale scopo.

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