Curiosities about cannabis and sleep

Curiosities about cannabis and sleep

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Many people find cannabis a useful aid when it comes to falling asleep. One of the most popular therapeutic uses of the plant is its relaxing effect, which often causes us to want to go to sleep almost immediately, especially when we’re talking about the indica varieties. In this post we tell you some more curiosities of the relationship between marijuana and the arms of Morpheus.

Curiosities about cannabis and sleep

Dried aged cannabis causes more sleepiness

There are many studies, including one that shows that dried aged cannabis produces more drowsiness than fresher bud. Apparently, with the passing of time oxidation, isomerization and other natural processes cause the THC to become CBN. This compound of the plant, known as cannabinol, is five times more sedative than THC.

Indica or sativa?

The general opinion is that indica varieties are the ones that produce the most drowsy effects, whereas sativas strains are more stimulating and give us energy. There is no exact theory on why these two effects are so different, but it is believed to be due to the terpenes, the aromatic compounds of the plant, which are more abundant in the first than in the second.

Curiosities about cannabis and sleep

How to avoid a cannabis hangover

Low-quality or high-pesticide grass can cause a hangover the next morning. We are not equating it with the feeling that alcohol produces, but you can feel dehydrated, congested with dry eyes. The best way to avoid this is to consume good quality cannabis and be careful of certain details: drink water, have a good diet rich in vitamins and exercise.

Sleep better, dream less

You can’t have it all. Cannabis helps us achieve a drowsy state and sleep better, but also inhibits dreams. So if you are a regular user of cannabis you will not have many dreams or remember them because the plant inhibits the REM phase, which is precisely the moment in which we dream. If after a while being a cannabis user, you stop being one, the “REM rebound” effect will occur, and you will begin to experience dreams of a more lucid nature.

Combine natural methods

There are other plants in nature that contain terpenes and some of them interestingly are also used to achieve a state of relaxation. Combining the use of these natural remedies with cannabis maximizes the soporific effects it gives us. Some examples of these herbs are chamomile, valerian, lavender and hops.

Curiosities about cannabis and sleep

Cannabis and sleep apnea

There are some scientific indications that cannabis can be helpful for people who have sleep apnea. This disorder makes breathing difficult for sufferers and results in poor quality of sleep during the night and drowsiness during the day. According to some studies, synthetic THC, an exogenous cannabinoid called dronabinol (or THC imitator) improved respiratory stability during sleep in patients with apnea. This, however, requires more investigation.

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