Mataró Blue, a triumphant strain among the winners

Mataró Blue, a triumphant strain among the winners

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Mataró Blue is one of the connoisseur-favorites, a unique hybrid feminized cannabis strain, with a strong indica genetics. It’s the crown of our collection and one of the most desired ones. A dream for any grower, Mataro Blue is incredibly heavy yielding, quick-finishing, and mould and pest resistant. It is a super stable variety with incredibly predictable results. hash-producing powerhouse, beloved for its deep berry flavors and also for its uplifting, floaty mind and body high.

An internationally awarded strain

With multiple awards under its belt—1st Prize, Resin Award in the 2016 LiftExpo in Toronto, Canada and 1st Prize, Medical Indica in the 2012 TreatingYourself Expo (Medical Marijuana Cup) 2012 also in Toronto—it’s not hard to see why. Also winner of the 3rd prize in the Copa Cannabica Axarquia in Velez Málaga, Spain in 2016.

What variety is it?

This internationally renowned, multi award winning strain variety is a cross between these three top-shelf indica varieties: Blue Monster Mazar-i-Sharif—the original ancient Afghani—and Kannabia’s own Black Domina. These three parents gave birth to Kannabia’s crown jewel,Mataró Blue, the brand’s most desired strain.



Is it really such a productive plant?

This strain from Kannabia Seeds is a winner in the home garden, incredibly heavy-yielding, quick-finishing and fast-flowering, and resistant to mold and pests. You can expect a big, bushy plant that can grow taller than six feet. Be sure to offer support, as the flowers get weighty. With a thick cover of shiny resin and a strong smell as you approach harvest—good ventilation is advised for indoors. For the drying and curing of this strain, consider using cedar boxes to enhance and preserve its extremely distinctive terpenes profile. Expect over a pound indoors, and 1lb, 11oz. if grown under optimal conditions outdoors.

Large and dense with a deep sweet berry flavour, these buds are glistening with a sugary coat of crystal. Thanks to the high resin content, this variety is exceptionally well suited to hash and concentrates.

Indoor or outdoor, which is recommended?

This is a great strain for both indoor and outdoor grow setups. This strain is very valuable for both medical and recreational use it’s a relaxing indica perfect for reflection and meditation. During flowering, Mataro Blue will produce hard and compact flowers filled with resin, easily obtaining extreme yields of around 600 gr/m2 indoors and 700 gr per plant outdoors. It is recommended using a tethering method in order to prevent branches from breaking under the weight of the very dense flowers. The beautiful blue color that can be observed at the end of flowering, as long as temperatures are low, it is absolutely amazing.

The flowering cycle indoor is from 58 to 65 days, and the yield of approximately 600 gr/m2. But if you grow it outdoor, then the harvest is by September or October, reaching around 2 m of height and getting around 800 gr from each plant. This strain has an approximate level of

Also this plant is characterised by its ability to withstand large amounts of fertiliser during the growing season. It is also highly resistant to periods of drought. It forms robust and strong cuttings that make it a plant suitable for cloning. Perfect for the production of high potency hashish in the ice-extraction version due to its high THC content.

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