How to grow a cannabis bonsai

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Bonsai marijuana plants are neither a myth nor a legend. This is a very real and fun way to grow a cannabis strain in a pot. After all, the word bonsai simply means “planted in a container” in Japanese. And, just like the well-known ancient Japanese bonsai, cannabis can also be grown in miniature through the use of pruning and trimming techniques to make it look aesthetically stunning. Here we explain how you can achieve this.

Cannabis bonsai are essentially born in conflict because, while cannabis is grown to produce an annual yield and harvest, a bonsai is normally grown looking for longevity and a small stature. In fact, some hardcore bonsai growers don’t believe that cannabis is compatible with the spirit that surrounds this art of gardening; but, if you can forget about growing conventional marijuana, it’s hard not to be impressed by this type of plant.

Bonsai are not genetically predetermined to grow small, as one might instinctively think. Instead, they originate from normal tree seeds (like bamboo, cherry trees, apple trees, etc.) which have been trained to produce small-scale replicas that are identical in every way (except dimensionally, of course). And that’s where it gets interesting for marijuana growers: if it’s all about training, is it possible to grow a bonsai using feminized cannabis seeds?

The answer is yes because cannabis is a naturally flexible species. This is a practical defence mechanism that ensures its survival in extreme circumstances, so you can train it to grow in virtually any form you can imagine. And, if you do it right, you can shape your plant to look like a marijuana bonsai.

Why would anyone want to grow a cannabis bonsai?

Cannabis grows much faster than trees, which is obviously a huge disadvantage when you’re growing bonsai. Fortunately, though, this means that you can dabble in this discipline without the commitment of spending decades caring for the plant. Losing a bonsai after such a long time can be devastating, and this can be a little less traumatic if you start with a cannabis plant with an annual growth cycle.

In reality, bonsai have everything to do with art because they require a lot of time and care; but the result, when done well, can be extremely satisfying. They’re like tiny creatures that look like trees and can also live for a really long time.

Another advantage of growing cannabis bonsai is their size limitations, which allow you to grow cannabis discreetly and safely. You won’t get as big a yield as with a normal plant, of course, but it’s also a fun experience to learn all about marijuana cultivation. If you’ve never had your own plants before, this is a great way to get started.

What do you need to grow a marijuana bonsai?

  • A 2-3 week old cannabis plant, already in a pot.
  • A drill with a small bit.
  • Gardening twine or thin wire.
  • Thin wooden stake or cane.

6 steps to create a cannabis bonsai

  1. Begin by preparing your pot for planting. A small pot is crucial in keeping with the bonsai tradition. However, the shape and size depend entirely on you: you can opt for circular, rectangular, deep, or shallow pots.
  2. Drill several holes around the sides of the pot, through which you can pass the gardening twine to hold the branches of your bonsai so that they point in various directions.
  3. Next, place the wooden stake right next to the main stem of your cannabis plant. You can also use two canes. This will help you guide the position of the bonsai. Then secure the stem to the stake in whichever way you fancy: tie it with the twine and connect it to one of the nearest holes.
  4. Now it’s the time to train the branches. Think about the direction you want the branches to go; tie them with a string; and connect them to the drilled holes. If you want the branches to go horizontal, you can tie them tighter. If, on the contrary, you prefer a vertical style, do not tighten the twine too much.
  5. As your cannabis bonsai grows, you need to prune the new shoots to limit its size, which lets you create that traditional bonsai look whilst keeping a good flow of air and light through the lowest parts of the plant. Be careful not to cut the vital branches or apical stem, because this will only hinder growth.
  6. When your cannabis bonsai finally reaches the flowering stage, which you’ll be able to tell by the formation of a layer of white and milky trichomes, then it’s time to cut the buds. Leave the buds in a dark, well-ventilated room so that they dry thoroughly. Then perform the curing process.

How long will my cannabis bonsai live?

After you have harvested the buds of your cannabis bonsai, you can keep the plant as a work of art, as you can return it to its vegetative state by changing the light cycle. This way, you can keep your cannabis bonsai for several seasons.

It is worth mentioning that each season can result in a loss of bud potency. The stems may also become stiffer over time, which makes the bonsai harder to mould. If you plan to keep it for a year or two, make sure you give it proper nutrition and trim the roots when they fill the pot.

We advise the following steps:

  • Only cut the top third of the plant when it’s ready to be harvested. That’s where the biggest buds are located.
  • Trim the central third of the plant thoroughly, removing all the old, yellow leaves.
  • Leave the small shoots in the lower third of the stem, as they will initiate the process of regeneration of the plant.
  • Give your bonsai 18 hours or more of light and a lot of nitrogen to get it back to the vegetative stage.

What strains should you choose to grow cannabis bonsai?

We’re certain that marijuana lovers will find a way to turn any cannabis strain into a bonsai. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do this, but we think there are specific varieties that are more suited, like for instance compact strains that don’t stretch much and develop thick and resistant stems with small leaves.

Here are some recommendations to help you enter the fantabulous world of marijuana bonsai growing with the greatest chances of success:

  • Super OG Kush: This strain doesn’t grow too tall, adapts to virtually any climate, and develops dense and bushy foliage which looks really impressive in bonsai form.
  • Silver Widow: Another indica hybrid that works well, as it is really hardy, doesn’t require too much space, and develops large leaves that are arranged densely near the main cola.
  • Gelato-K: A very easy-to-grow plant that adapts really well to Low Stress Training (LST) techniques. When grown in bonsai form, this strain will reward you with buds that are so delicious you will surely feel persuaded to try its ‘King Size’ format.

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