5 healthier ways to use cannabis rather than smoking it

5 healthier ways to use cannabis rather than smoking it

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In popular culture, there are many myths surrounding cannabis that need to be banished forever. One of them is the widespread belief that the only way to use marijuana involves smoking. But nowadays there’s an increasing number of users who are choosing other consumption methods depending on their personal circumstances. In fact, growing scientific evidence suggests that inhaling marijuana smoke carries a number of potential health risks. So, what other healthier alternatives are there to consume our favourite plant?

Vaporised: this method avoids combustion and, as a result, many of the toxins that are released when we inhale something that is being burnt. Smoke is reduced by 95%, and the marijuana is heated to a much lower temperature so it doesn’t burn, which avoids the presence of carcinogens and tar. Vaporisation is also a more effective process, as it takes you directly to the active substances of cannabis. And you can play with the temperatures of the vaping device to avoid exceeding the boiling point of cannabis, which leads to all the desired cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. What’s more, not only does this method provide a greater number of active components, but the weed taste is much purer. Those entering the cannabis world for the first time have the new technologies at their fingertips… And there’s a whole world of vapes for them to discover (for instance, tabletop, portable, etc.).

5 healthier ways to use cannabis rather than smoking it

Tinctures: these are marijuana concentrates that are obtained through the maceration of alcohol, which is later released, leaving behind only the plant’s active substances. The necessary ingredients are really easy to get hold of, so all that is required is a lot of time and patience. Tinctures are a good way to start the day with therapeutic results, and the usual way to use them is to put a few drops under the tongue. This is a really quick method because the tincture is absorbed through the arterial system, so the effects are felt immediately. However, if you decide to mix them with drinking, the absorption rate will be slower. Given how potent these solutions are, it’s always advisable to first seek advice from a medical professional in order to learn the appropriate dosage for your physiology.

5 healthier ways to use cannabis rather than smoking it

Edibles: As these are directly related to the digestive process, it’s important to keep the dosage in mind because their psychoactive effects can be very intense. This is just like proper baking: all the ingredients need to be well measured, or else it can lead to a culinary disaster! Edible recipes normally include cannabis oil or butter, so make sure you have one of these in your larder before you start baking. Brownies, cookies, muffins, chocolate bars, cakes,… Express yourself like a true cannabis chef!

5 healthier ways to use cannabis rather than smoking it

Topicals: many people who suffer from muscle or bad posture issues use oils and lotions made with plants which deliver different therapeutic effects. In the case of balms made with cannabis infusions, they can be applied directly on the area where the pain is located by massaging the skin gently. Some experts claim that this is not an effective method, as most of the properties of cannabis are lost along the way. We must not forget that our skin has many layers, and this type of ointment remains in the most superficial areas.

Water pipes and bubblers: Amongst the great range of cannabis paraphernalia currently available on the market around the world, water pipes are definitely one of the star products. You can find them in different formats and sizes, and with assorted designs. They are made of either Pyrex or borosilicate glass, and get their name from the bubbling noise that they make when they’re being used. Some are so beautiful that they can also be used as a decorative centrepiece. These devices are normally used at home because they’re too big to carry around, but pocket bubblers are a smaller portable version that you can easily take with you wherever you go. As there are so many different types, there’s a whole world to discover, but the most important thing is that they’re compact and easy to use. The perfect option if you’re into BHO (hash oil) and cannabis concentrates.

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