Cannabis and sex

Cannabis and sex

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The use of cannabis as an erotic stimulant is known to habitual cannabis users. Most agree in pointing out the lack of inhibition, the feeling of euphoria and the increase in pleasurable sensations as its main advantages. It’s obvious that all this depends significantly on both the variety and quantity used as well as the particular sensitivity of the consumer and, of course, who the moment is shared with.

But aside from these considerations and focusing on the general effects of cannabis, we are able to point out that the calming effect of marijuana helps to regulate anxiety levels that could be caused by a sexual encounter or the moments leading up to it. This calm feeling favours greater communication with one’s partner, positively affecting our mood and, therefore, encouraging warmer, more open and more responsive behaviour.

Cannabis and sex

Traditionally when it comes to sex, cannabis has a greater positive effect on women than on men. It’s usually women who give the most positive testimonies and satisfactory experiences. This is because cannabis use releases more oxytocin, which is one of the hormones involved in sexual arousal. In fact, it’s commonly known as the “love hormone”, and is also produced during childbirth and orgasms. When our body produces oxytocin, we experience a pleasant feeling of well-being and are more receptive to others because sensations such as empathy, trust and generosity increase; feelings of anxiety and fear as well as heart rate and blood pressure decrease. Oxytocin levels are higher in women than in men, which explains why the positive effects of cannabis on sex are more evident and verifiable in them than in men.



Cannabis use related to sexuality has a long history. From the aphrodisiacs used in traditional Indian medicine to its use in hippie communities, sexual pleasure and marijuana seem to have gone hand in hand throughout history. It is unsurprising, then, that recent studies support the argument that endocannabinoids produce benefits on a sexual level, substantially improving the experience both in men and women.

Interestingly, men tend to have a somewhat different perception of marijuana as a sexual stimulant. Perhaps this is because it can cause their testosterone levels to drop. And this hormone is closely associated with feelings of desire. Anyway, as we pointed out at the beginning, it very much depends on both the variety and quantity as well as the individual person. The effect that cannabis use can eventually produce on the quality of sperm should be noted at this point. Some studies argue that prolonged habitual use of marijuana has a direct negative impact on sperm quantity and fertility. It may also eventually lead to erectile dysfunction.

Cannabis and sex

We must not lose sight of the fact that the uninhibiting effect of cannabis could lead us to be more lax with risky behaviour. In this case, however, we would be more on the side of prudence and responsibility than on the side of sexuality.

So, in conclusion, it seems right to say that responsible consumption or incorporating stimulants and lubricants that have cannabis among their ingredients into our relationships can be a good option to improve our sex lives.

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