Seedo and Kibbutz Dan to create the first A.I. cannabis farm

Seedo and Kibbutz Dan to create the first A.I. cannabis farm

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A farm of AI’s growing indoor cannabis? No, we are not talking about the plot of a futuristic Blade Runner movie. It is a fully automated project that will become a reality in a few months in Israel, thanks to the partnership between the high-tech company Seedo, and Kibbutz Dan, located in northern Israel.

Seedo and Kibbutz Dan to create the first A.I. cannabis farm

Seedo is a high-tech company listed on the stock exchange and is a market leader. It became known for providing the cannabis and agriculture industries with the first fully automated and controlled indoor cultivation machine. Anyone, from the average consumer to large-scale producers, could grow without previous experience and without need of much space. In addition, Seedo gave them the freedom to reduce costs, while generating high yields of herbs and vegetables of laboratory quality without pesticides.

High quality harvests

The world’s first fully automated, pesticide-free commercial scale cannabis farm will be established in northern Israel, thanks to the partnership between Kibbutz Dan and the company Seedo. The grow will be in containers isolated from the environment, which offers  a series of benefits. To begin with, climate control will be accurate and this will allow the cultivated plants to be free of pesticides. In addition, thanks to the conditions provided by the laboratory, it will be a high quality crop, with a consistent and uniform yield.

Automated and hydroponic

The key to this farm is automated, hydroponic growth and automatic learning, based on photography and scanning. Each container, which can be expanded vertically, will produce 150 kg of yield per year. So, 16 containers will be the equivalent of 2.4 tons per year. In this way, Seedo gives the tools to lead the automated cannabis agriculture industry.

Seedo and Kibbutz Dan to create the first A.I. cannabis farm

Revolutionary technology

What will happen inside each container? Something similar to what happened in their previous item, the refrigerator-shaped Seedo gadget which seemed close to making its users hipster growers. And these containers have maximum daylight lighting, built-in carbon filters, automated air conditioning and a smart post-harvest drying system, which allows farmers to minimize crop costs and provide high quality feed with a longer lifespan.

“This new offering will allow Seedo to leverage and adapt its existing and proven technology driven for commercial agricultural applications, maximizing crop quality, yield and reliability regardless of local weather conditions,” we read in its press release.

“The hermetic and stackable containers will allow the growers to optimize the use of the land and reduce the environmental footprint of their agricultural operations. Each of the Seedo containers can provide a minimum amount of 326 pounds of dried cannabis buds per year. “

Israel, a world cannabis country leader

As we can read in their press release, “with Israel’s recent approval of medical cannabis exports, Seedo is positioned to become a key player in this emerging market, since its technology can achieve reliable production goals and uniforms to meet pharmaceutical quality standards. ” According to his calculations, “within 36 months of operation, it is estimated that the project will produce a minimum of 14 tons of dry cannabis shoots, generating an estimated income of $ 24 million dollars.”

Seedo and Kibbutz Dan to create the first A.I. cannabis farm

Out with pesticides

According to new research, one of the greatest current concerns in legal cannabis markets around the world is the prevalence of pesticides, solvents and bacteria present in the current supply chain.

“This represents a serious threat to consumer safety, especially for patients who rely increasingly on medicinal cannabis for the treatment of a variety of diseases. Seedo’s revolutionary technology can control the purity of the crop to meet the strict composition standards established by pharmaceutical and beverage companies that seek to supply clean and consistent products to the market, “says Seedo in their press release.

“We are entering a new era of growth where the demand for pesticide-free products will only continue to rise,” said Seedo CEO Zohar Levy.

“We are pleased to partner with Kibbutz Dan to provide a business model with the governments that the world can see, we have built our system on a commercial scale to reflect our philosophy that technology can deliver accurate and reliable results without sacrificing performance.”

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